Shaws R​otties

My wife and I have been dog lovers our whole lives and owned dogs for most of that time. It wasn't until 2005 that we decided to get our first dog together. That dog ended up being a female Rottweiler named Roxy. We immediately fell in love with her and the breed. That resulted in us doing a lot of research about the breed and eventually deciding to raise a litter of pups. That first litter went great. We both really enjoyed raising the pups and seeing the enjoyment their new owners were getting from the pups. We both knew from at that point that raising pups was a lot of work, but a hobby that we hoped we could continue. Over the next several years we added several great Rottweiler’s to our kennel from kennels all over the world. Over that time we have learned a lot about the breed and continue to learn new things every day. We have strived to find the best lines to be able to provide you with a healthy Rottweiler with excellent bloodlines and temperaments that will easily transition into your home. Our dogs have consistently provided pups with these traits. They are compatible in many areas such as show, work, and pet life. If you would like to speak to us about your next pet please fill out the contact form.

Dusty and Casey Shaw